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Retro aprons for woman and girls

1940 Pink Polka Dot Pink Gingham Apron, click for larger view

Pink polka dot pink gingham 1940 woman apron number 33002 $54.95, extra large $59.95 and Child number 20002 $39.95, size large girl $44.95.

Pink with white polka dots and pink gingham pockets and top.
An oh so cute retro polka dots for mother and daughter or Grandmother and Granddaughter.




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Microwave neck heating pad

Neck heating pad with washable pillowcase $28.95 Turn it upside down and you have a perfect fit for your lower back. The best thing you could give yourself or someone special.

How to plant tomatoes

Tomato Plant

Planting tomatoes

How to plant a tomato plant. Possibly you have that perfect dirt, black dirt full of nutrition and easy to dig in. Well that isn't the case for me and I am sure many other people out there have my same problem. Where I live I have clay, hard clay. They say clay is full of nutrients but it is also like cement mortar and plants need to breath so I have over time and still am hauling in all kinds of manure sand, no I am not making bricks, and other mulch I can get my hands on.
What I am trying to say is you need to take the soil you have and make it better. You can always go to the state extension service with your soil and they will tell you what to put into it to make that perfect soil for your tomatoes and other plants, a good idea.

I am just going to let you now how I plant tomatoes, I am not a master gardener although I should be after all the years I have planed gardens. Hopefully you can learn by my success and mistakes. I can't guarantee this will work for you, a disclaimer but I can tell you what works for me.

Dig your holes for your tomato plants and fill with water before you put your plants in. If not the surrounding dirt will suck the water up and your plants won't have the moisture they need to survive the shock. Grandma taught me that and I use it on anything I transplant, even flowers from the nursery.

It is a good idea to always water daily at least for the first week or two when your newly transplanted plants. Once they are established it is not as crucial.

The advantage of heirloom tomatoes is that you may save the seeds. They become a family heirloom over time.



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Grandma American apron

Grandma apron in Land of Liberty 2281 $49.95 extra large $54.95

All the things you think about in the good old USA. Vintage blue truck with a flag hanging off the tailgate cowboy boots with stars and stripes and daisies the Liberty Bell an old fashioned bicycle with a flag and flowers on it. Written on it is God shed his grace on thee, Let freedom ring, Sweet lane of liberty and I pledge allegiance to the flag. This is just plain darling.

How to dry mint tuitorial


It is important that old fashioned aprons are not forgotten, they deserve to be passed on to other generations. Who does not have a memory of a m

How to dry mint

Drying Mint is something you can do at home. Mint tea is the best,  I make my own tea blend and use my mint that I dry during the summer.  I make mint tea with fresh mint and it is very refreshing.  There is nothing better than peppermint tea before bedtime with chamomile, it makes a wonderful tonic to relax me and help me sleep.  I add mint to some of the tea blends I have bought to add to the flavor and you may also make your tea and chill it for ice tea in the summer. 

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other or grandmother in an apron. We want our children and grandchildren to have memories of home and loved ones in their old fashioned aprons. To have a memory as a child in a little apron like moms in the kitchen cooking together. It should not be just for past generations but future generations should have those wonderful memories also.



4th of July apron

1940 4th of July apron number 138 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girl 209 $39.95 large girls $44.95.
Red white and blue patriotic on a pretty red gingham with red and blue rick rack and blue trim.
Hang out your American flag and put on your Americana apron. The 4th of July above is shown in extra large. Red white and blue stars with patriotic pockets on this. Red gingham ties long enough to make a pretty bow or tie around the front.

Made in America

Retro American apron
1940 Patriotic apron women number 170 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and girls number 230 $39.95 large $44.95

1940 style with flags and red gingham on the top. Blue trim and rick rack add to the beauty of our old glory. You will stand out as an American in this striking red white and blue. Wear it for the 4th of July or just year round. This apron was worn by the volunteers at the D-Day celebration and then given to the veterans for their wives.

1940 in Autumn Leaf All Over

1940 Thanksgiving apron Autumn Leaf all over. The holiday decorations will be on you 2061

You don't have to wait for the leaves to fall, just wrap yourself in a pretty outfit that you can wear to get you ready for the coming excitement. Gold trim and gold and white ties that are long enough to wrap or tie in the back. Start the holidays with autumn leaves you do not have to rake up.

Autumn Leaf close up

Retro mother and daughter marching aprons

Retro red gingham red polka dot apron

1940 aprons red polka dot and red Gingham women number 189 $54.95 girl 251 $39.95 large girl $44.95

This is one of popular aprons with the red background and white polka dots and red gingham on the top and pockets. This is wonderful for a family get together and grandma would love one too. Long red gingham ties for a pretty bow in the back or bring it around front if desired.